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Nearly a week and Pippa had yet to send Aryn a thank you note for the flowers her Manhattan area friend sent over in recognition of her birthday. The arrangement was amusing and the flowers themselves lovely, but every time Pippa looked at them sitting on the kitchen counter, she felt a bit uneasy. Birthdays, her own birthdays, were not something Pippa liked to acknowledge.

It had nothing to do with getting older, she was only twenty-six and considered herself young by most standards. Laughably so if she took into account that she just helped Ro celebrate his 113th year. No, it had more to do with the her mother, the last birthday party Pippa had, and her belief that you couldn't much celebrate the child without also celebrating the mother.

However, she couldn't keep putting this off. Aryn had no way of knowing how Pippa felt and there was little excuse for being rude when someone gave you a thoughtful gift. Pippa pulled a sheet or two of her personalized stationary from her writing desk and carried it to the kitchen table along with a pen:


Thank you so very much for the flowers. They are lovely and I've been enjoying their bright colors all week. Ro wants to know if I plan to use the vase to make the mother of all margaritas once the blooms have finally wilted. I haven't
quite decided.


She folded the note and placed it in an addressed envelop. It would go into the post the next day.


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