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If there were categories labeled s-type and m-type with regards to people, what would you think they stood for? I am at a loss here, really. And if they think what I think they stand for, I might be a bit shocked and appalled that people see me that way. I mean really now...sadistic?

1. Zippy Levine
2. Alessandro Evangelisti
3. Junie Cabriano
4. Tadhg MacEibhir
5. James Potter
6. The Doctor
7. Baileigh Solis
8. No One
9. Rory Stone
10. Olivia Benson
11. Rian Baxter
12. Caitlin MacEibhir
13. Rob Fellowes
14. At the same time? I'm not sure what this one is asking, to be honest.
15. No one that wouldn't do so on their own, that's cruel
16. Paul Smecker
17. James Potter
18. Rory Stone
19. Kreske
20. Nil Cameron
22. Anyone who volunteers to work karaoke nights at Last Call
23. Mike Owens, because he is.
24. I don't think the side matters to people like him.
27. Rory Stone
28. I don't know what that is
29. Rory Stone
30. I hope no one is insulted or offended by this.

1. There are 30 questions.
2. Next to each number, write only the name of the person who fits.
3. Answer one question with one name.
4. Don't tell the questions to anyone who isn't doing the meme.
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I'm sorry if I'm behind on emails or have seemingly blown off or overlooked appointments and plans with anyone. I've been...under the weather lately. Attempting to catch up on email now, but it's slow going. Between trying to use the computer from bed (with Mr. Beaker trying to 'help') and simply not feeling up to par, well--this may take me a while.

Bobby, I apologize for having to postpone our lunch date with the puppies. We will get together with you and Bette, I just can't set a date right now. I'm sorry.

Aryn, belatedly: Happy Birthday. I hope your day was wonderful and that your Remy spoiled you rotten. I think I owe you a lunch somewhere down the line as well.


Four weeks and two days ago. I keep thinking about time in these weird increments like that. It was four weeks and two days ago that he caught me with my guard down outside of work.

Three weeks and six days since...I can't even type the words. I can't say them either. I can barely look at what he did to me without wanting to scream again.

Three weeks and two days since they, since Ro, saved me.

Saved my life.

I realize that now. I'm finally, finally coherent enough (long enough) to start putting the pieces together. I've mostly stopped taking the narcotic painkillers Abby prescribed for me. That helps, being able to stay awake and clear-headed. I'm still taking the sleeping pills at night though. After the first time I woke up screaming and scared the hell out of Ro (and probably everyone else here at Cait's), Abby insisted. And I can't argue that, really. I can't begrudge any of them a good night's rest or deny that I need it myself.

Three weeks exactly that I've been with it enough to actually track time.

Two weeks and five days since I've been self-sufficient enough to not need someone by my side constantly.

Sixteen days that I've been wishing I were at home instead of at Rory's sister's apartment.

Ten days since I've been getting up out of bed and roaming the place.

Three days that I've felt restless.

Two hours since I've last cried.

And there hasn't been a single moment since that Monday night that I have felt safe.



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