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ooc: written for [ profile] gifted_hands for the snuggle meme. Binding in terms of storyline, and I did choose to place it in the immediate aftermath of Pippa's ordeal with Larch.

“Shhh, a chara.” Tadhg ran long, steady fingers through her tangled mass of russet curls and spooned her body more tightly against his own. Knees bent to fit against Pippa’s, her back pressed against his chest and one arm looped around her waist with his hand resting on the outer curve of her thigh, the púca snuggled her close. Kept her safe.

She wanted Rory, he knew, but his older brother couldn’t put off outstanding obligations any longer, not without raising suspicions and questions no one wanted to answer. Rory would be back soon enough and until then…well, little brother would do what he could to soothe and comfort the girl. Tadhg had held her this way more often than Pippa was aware—over the last few days, in their efforts to repair the damage done by a disturbed, deeply twisted inhabitant of Manhattan, the MacEibhirs (save for Anrai) had all sat with or held the slight form as they used their unique healing gifts to mend wounds and sustain her life.

This afternoon the púca was more focused on calming her fitful sleep than he was on easing any pain she might still feel. He’d done what he could there, his magic crawling in and out of her brutalized body, slipping over bruised muscle and broken bone. Tadhg knew her injuries better and more intimately than she did in some ways…and he was thankful that the sleeping girl would never know just how well he knew the torment she’d suffered.

When she turned in his embrace, rubbed her sleepy face against his neck and murmured nonsense against his shoulder, Tadhg slid his hands over her back, hugging her tightly. He was very thankful that he would have the chance to get to know Pippa Kerr as a person, whole and healed. “Just sleep, lass. I’ll be going nowhere soon.”
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