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I have wallpaper for my computer.
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1. Beer and a popsicle. Together. I blame Mr. John Munch for this.

2. Muppet Movies.

3. Drinking orange juice out of the carton. Note: I do live alone, so I consider this half as disgusting as normal.


5. My 'Get Stoned' Breaker Street tshirt.

6. Perching on counter tops or the bar at Last Call.

7. Having Breaker Street's demo tape on my iPod

8. Covering the side of my fridge with the stickers from fresh produce.

9. Big fluffy bath

Kelly was let go from Last Call and it made my summer.
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Some days really just need a rewind button. Can we restart Tuesday?
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Ten Childhood Memories

1. Piano lessons…my instructor was a wrinkled old stiff-lace man, but once my nanny deposited me and left? We’d play chopsticks and Heart and Soul instead of boring old Bach. Plus he always wore bowties instead of neckties. I liked that.

2. Fishing a frog out of the pond and putting it in the teapot before mother’s bridge game. Pearl clutching and screaming, oh my!

3. Nana always having peppermints in the bottom of her couture handbags.

4. Being fitted for a new riding habit every time I grew an inch.

5. Jumping the crossties without a horse.

6. Summers in Martha’s Vineyard. I saw Jackie Onassis once and thought I’d met bone fide royalty.

7. Culpepper, my pony.

8. Playing with dripping candle wax and using the hot liquid to make new shapes. I guess it was inevitable that I’d be making glass some day.

9. My first tour of Europe. Western of course. I don’t remember much but I do like looking at all of the stamps in my passport. And I remember everything seeming so large and looming, grand in scale.

10. Reading Jane Eyre for the first time.


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