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Notes: This takes place just before Pippa's Christmas post. Sorry for the time line hopping.

Peaceful. Unaware. Beautifully naïve.

His face is all delicate planes and muted angles in the cool, pale light of the moon. Long lashes cast shadows over soft skin, marring the ethereal visage belonging to the man lying beside her. She can’t sleep so she watches him instead. Watches him despite wanting to press her face into her pillow, protection against aching in her heart, the tightness in her throat and the stinging behind her eyes. Pippa won’t turn away and she doesn’t wipe the hot tears seeping from the corners of her eyes. They run down her cheek and into her ear.

Her mind has been made up for days, weeks, really. She made the decision while they were apart—thinking seems easier when he isn’t right there. Now she has to tell him. Break his heart and leave him. Pippa continues to study him until the weight of her stare (or maybe the noise of her troubled thoughts) seems to draw Rory away from slumber. She even returns his sleepy smile with one of her own, whispering his name as his hand comes up to cup the curve of her cheek.

“Hey now…” he whispers in concern as he feels the dampness on her skin, realizes she’s been crying. “Sweet, don’t cry. I’m here. I’m right here.”

He folds her into his arms, kisses away the tears she’d ignored. Pippa lets him run his hands over her body and push her nightgown up over her hips as he rolls her beneath himself; his movements are well practiced even if they are heavily drenched in drowsiness. She knows he’ll barely remember this come morning—if he recalls it at all.

Still, he’s hard and she’s willing and it doesn’t take much for her to guide him to where he wants to be. Her face stays pressed against the warmth of his neck as Rory shifts, rocks against her and thrusts between her legs. She doesn’t want him to lift his head and look down at her; he shouldn’t have to see the sadness in her eyes as they make love. He makes love—Pippa winces as she corrects herself.

He’s making love; she’s only biding her time.

Pippa Kerr//368
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What makes someone sexually attractive to you?

Oh, that’s really not as complicated a thing as most people probably assume. Wisdom and intelligence are what attracts me to someone of the opposite sex. There’s just something about a man with wise eyes. Someone knowing and experienced in the ways of the world, life, maybe even a skill set I want to possess. I want someone who can teach me, impart some of his learned experience and share something beyond physical contact.

The above really does sum up my relationships to date, how they all began and what sustained them for the duration. It certainly holds true for the man I share my life with now. He has amazing eyes, unlike any other, and I can get lost in them so very easily. Large and dark, so full of love and kindness, patience and understanding—compassionate. And there’s intelligence there, sharp and bright. He thinks outside the box, so to speak. All that he’s seen and experienced, the very unique perspective he brings to the table…when I look into his eyes I see magic.

I see him and there is nothing more attractive than that.

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