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If Pippa were to ever submit something to Post Secrets, this would be it.
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Spring, 1990

Eight years old and deeply serious about the task at hand, Phillipa Kerr has settled herself behind the building her mother insists is ‘The Carriage House’ but all of the grounds people refer to as ‘the garage’. After all, it is where the cars are parked. This has assured her a certain amount of freedom from strict supervision. Her mother won’t bother to look for her here; it’s filthy and smells of motor oil and other unpleasantness. It’s perfect.

Not that she cares for the dirt or the scents herself; the prissy child has brought amongst her needed supplies an old linen tablecloth to sit upon. She will not dirty her play clothes, not that she can really ‘play’ at anything in a lace-collared blouse or penny loafers whose soles have no traction. But she can create. This is why the rest of her things are so very necessary. The candles she took from the piano room, the book of matches she lifted from the butler’s pantry and the sheets of card stock that came from an artists’ kit she’d received at Christmas.

The little redheaded girl has no use for charcoal pencils and palettes of watercolor paints. Pastels weren’t very interesting either since no one would permit her to scribble the walkways with them. The paper and canvases had potential but really, it is the packing materials that are the most useful. It is what she will use as a foundation, a place to work her magic.

And to little Pippa, it certainly is magic while she melts down the candles, pours the colored wax and shapes it with her nimble fingers. She tests what happens when trying to control the flow of the hot liquid, dribble it and make it splatter. Her observations lead to decisions and new ideas, plans to make her visions concrete. The seemingly free-form little sculptures are exactly as she intends them to be.

It’s a shame she can’t keep any of them, her mother would have fits if she found out that the girl was playing with fire and garbage. Pippa keeps her artwork for as long as she dares (this is roughly as long as it takes for one of the maids to come looking for her, calling her name from across the lawn) and then she carefully folds them inside of the cardstock along with the burnt matches and candle-stubs. There’s a large green waste bin behind the garage—she likes the word better, and this is where she places everything save for the tablecloth.

The linen is left on the ground, a small act of defiance. Undeniable proof that something was here.


Aug. 6th, 2009 07:41 pm
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She doesn’t relax anymore. Hasn’t in nearly a year. She can’t relax and let down her guard without becoming vulnerable. Nor can she keep up the break-neck drive of creative frenzy to take in the calm of the day surrounding her. If that happens, she starts to think. To feel. Remember.

Pippa’d much rather forget the pain and the fear, the insecurity and the suffocating feel of her life closing in on her.

So when the evening comes and she returns home, she fills a glass with dark red wine then drinks from the bottle. She doesn’t relax. She drowns.

What I Wear

May. 1st, 2009 09:51 am
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This is a fairly typical representation of what I wear while working in the studio. It's very hot, hazardous and does not lend itself at all to looking glamorous. I pull my hair back and then hide it under a scarf to prevent it from being singed, but also because I do perspire quite a lot and the scarf at least keeps it from mostly running into my eyes. I don't wear any jewelery or anything loose and hanging, and while not pictured here, I typically have what amounts to a men's gym sock pulled up and over the length of my left arm as it is the one that I use closest to the glory hole for gathering flux. I will also usually wear sunglasses or tinted safety goggles, depending on what it is in particular that I am working on during a given day.
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The nights are lost to dreams of The Red King.

Her days consist of forging and sculpting with flame and from memory, pulling his face out of molten glass and refining the delicate planes and beautiful curves of his features. Large eyes stare back at her, following every move she makes, no detail escaping his sight or her vision. Care bordering on obsession goes into etching regal cheekbones and generous lips. The dizzying swirl of crimson and gold boldly declare his power and passion—or is it her desire and adoration being put on display?

Rory MacEibhir is simply everywhere.
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These aren't listed in any particular order and really, they are simply a few movies I enjoy watching over and over. I by no means wish to imply that they are the five best or most influential films I have viewed.

The Muppets Take Manhattan: I'm a native New Yorker and I love the Muppets. They are a phenomenon that I didn't discover until well into adulthood, and that may not be such a bad thing as I've realized most of their humor is in fact quite adult in nature and not truly intended for children even if they are bits of felt and feathers. Putting the Muppets in the city I know so well and watching the surreal and the real mesh...who wouldn't like that?

Venezia, la luna e tu: (Venice, the Moon and You) It's a silly comedy about a gondolier and romance. Bepi is so much the fool and a well-meaning one at that, that you can't help but cheer him on in his many levels of idiocy involving women.

Roman Holiday:
Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck. I like to think of this one as the romantic comedy. The cinematography is lovely, the costumes are divine and Audrey Hepburn is the epitome of class, grace and beauty. I so wanted to be Anne when I was growing up and not simply because she was a princess either. Her life didn't seem so unusual to me, the grand trips to Europe and the feeling of being confined and restrained, needing to rebel--I identified with her and envied her the success she achieved.

Little Women: The 1933 version with Katherine Hepburn, of course. I enjoyed the novel and it always seems to me that movie adaptations have become worse and more watered down over the years. The older films never seems to concern themselves with that ninety minute time constraint and focused on telling the author's story.

Sabrina: Another Audrey Hepburn movie, I'm afraid. I do love old black and white films. A love triangle with politics that could be painfully familiar to me at times even though this was supposed to be taken as more of a lighthearted affair. The world the Larrabees dwell in makes me shake my head in recognition but it's Sabrina that enchants and demurs her way through the story. Who can resist watching someone fall in love for the first time? I can't.
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Complete this piece.
See Ro again.
Give him the explanation owed.
Ask him to forgive me.

Stop being afraid of what I want.
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Make a list of things that you would leave to other people in the event of your demise.

As things currently stand, my Last Will and Testament decrees that my my assets both financial and otherwise are to be consolidated and put into a trust for _____________ (name redacted for recipient's privacy). The few personal effects that I would want distributed are more for sentimental reasons than anything else.

To Alessandro, I'd leave my silk scarf. He's always playing with it, rearranging it every time I wear it. When my hair was longer, he used to take the scarf and tie my hair back with it. While we were...involved, he used keep it folded under his pillow at night. He would also retain rights over the glass pieces I have created in his studios these last few months.

To Marcello, certain pieces of my jewelry. His little girls are quite taken with the handmade notions I've put together from dice and bouncy balls, game tokens and the like. His wife, I know, is very fond of my Nana's brooch. And Marcello, my dear, dear, Marcello--to him specifically, I'd leave the bracelet I wear on my left wrist. He would understand why.

To Ro, for Rory I have only one thing I'd like to leave with him. My sketch book. I don't often use it but for this latest project I have. Every stage, every step, has been drawn and drafted. If I can't have the chance to complete what I am working on, I at least want him to have the notes and progress. I need him to know just what it is that has been occupying my every waking moment and most of my dreaming ones as well while I've been in Venice. And I hope he'd understand what I have been attempting to do.
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I posted this once before, but here I am as a baby.

A toddler.

A teenager.

and now for something a little bit different... )
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1. What gender of character do you play more of, male or female? Why?

I happen to have more female primary characters. I say primary because with my OCs and even the canon characters I pick up, I try to write them as a whole person with friends, family, random whonots in their daily lives. This means I write secondary and tertiary characters as well, much as you would for a novel. These beings do not exist in a void. So for example, I have Pippa here. I also write Mike, Alessandro, Marcello and in some instances I will pick up Rory who is someone else's muse altogether to write a prompt or a scene. In terms of the types of voices I will write, I'd say it's about 50/50. Break it down by primaries and most are female.

2. Is this different or the same as your own gender?

Same, with the same caveat as above.Read more )
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The same event as covered before in another prompt here. This time for [ profile] charloft and from a different POV.

March 13, 2029

“Yeah?” He was shouting into the phone, she could hear the chaos of crowds in the background—each with their own distinct set of sounds. There were the fans screaming his name, someone offered a shrill “I love you, Rory!” and he chuckled. The cat calls from photographers to get him to turn this way or that for a picture. Sascha complaining that he never put that damned phone down.

Pippa laughed as she tried to grab for the toddler running circles around her while screeching at the top of his little lungs. “Hey, baby…Marcus Alexander you stop that now, thank you. Hi, I just wanted to let you know we’re running late—as usual. Someone had to take another bath after an incident with the dog food. I guess we’ll meet you inside?”

Pippa didn’t wait for a response. She knew her husband had heard her and that’s all she needed. All right, not all, she still needed to find her left shoe. And the child, to where did he disappear? “Marcus? Marcus?”

A giggle came from under the bed. Pippa sighed in exasperation and then laughed as she stooped down to grab a sneaker-clad foot, pulling her son out from beneath the furniture. “Silly boy, we’re late. Da’s waiting for us.”

Large brown eyes, púca eyes like his father’s, lit up and Marcus MacEibhir grinned. Da. The most magic word in the three year old’s vocabulary. “Where’s at?”

“Help me find my shoe and then we’ll go see…” Pippa coaxed, her voice full of hushed excitement that was guaranteed to garner the child’s cooperation.
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What pieces of you are in your characters?

The characters I write are not so much pieces of me as they either explore things I myself am interested in (and would like to learn about), have a core issue I can relate to or are simply something I can easily mimic. This holds true for canon and original (non-fandom) characters


[ profile] abbytude --she's sarcastic, hard, would rather go it alone than depend on someone else and has grown up with a parent who was rarely ever actually the parent in the relationship. And then there's the alcoholism. I'm an adult child of an alcoholic, I find occasionally exploring Abby's darker side to be cathartic.

[ profile] half_whole_pw --the mingling of being a person strong in their faith, struggling with the issues of a young, gay conservative in a religious family--even in a religion that is fairly progressive as far as allowing women and gays to be clergy, is not easy. Add in the loss of a sibling (a twin in the character's case)and you can see that under the surface of a cheerful person lurks deeper issues. I relate more to the NPC sister (also canon) that I write alongside Peter. I have dealt with the loss of one older brother and still watch another struggle with what it means to be gay in a conservative family.

[ profile] squirrely_scot --Sue White is purely gonzo. She defies the laws of reason, physics, simple logic...What can you say to a woman that will only answer your questions in the language of a crow? Feck off! Sue is nothing more than comic relief and something I can easily mimic.

[ profile] makerofhats --Charlotte is dying. She's also a romantic and lover of the fanciful. Just an excuse to read more Emily Dickinson on my part and play with language and prose when I feel like pulling this one out.


[ profile] sand_andwater--Pippa. She's a writing experiment and a general mess. The closest thing I have to a Mary Sue. I use her to play with an art form I am fascinated with: Venetian glass blowing. I also get to play with NYC, a place I enjoy being though I don't visit nearly often enough. And music. Anyone that knows me, knows I love music. Pippa is on the outside looking in on the music industry: a fan and a critic.

[ profile] rein_it_in--Laine is my indulgence for horses. I used to ride semi-competitively in Rodeo events. Barrel Racing. Rough and tumble. She also deals heavily with the loss of an older sibling and a less than stellar relationship with her father. She's no-nonsense and doesn't suffer fools.

[ profile] jansenmaceibhir--She's been quiet of late but when I do drag her back out, Jansen is the child of two worlds, two cultures. So am I. Sometimes it's hard to figure out what or who you identify yourself as--if you do at all.
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Every character starts with an idea. Where you go from there is unique to you, the player.

How do YOU create a new character from scratch? Do you have any rituals, a step-by-step guide?

Tell us about your character creation process, from vague idea to ready-to-write.

It varies depending on when and how inspiration strikes and whether or not they are intended to be a full-fledged character or an NPC, still there are certain things that I do with characters, doubly so for original, non-fandom aligned beings.

I start with a concept that can be their vocation, their occupation or even something as simple as the region they live in. From there it’s a vague physical description. Are they tall, short, thin, heavy—how physical are they? From there I tend to look for a PB that has the general feel I am after and finally a name. I like to choose names with some sort of relevance and meaning to the character’s main premise. Pippa, for example, is Phillipa, which means ‘lover of horses’. If you follow her journal, you know why it’s fitting.

I come up with all the incidental details at the start: Full name, height, eye and hair color, basic quirks or habits, date of birth etc. For me, a good test as to whether or not a character is ready to be placed into a situation where they can interact and role play is if I can fill out one of those random 50 question surveys without any thought or effort in the same manner I’d fill it out for myself. If I can do that in fifteen minutes or so, I know enough about the character to wing it in any given RP scenario.

Another thing I like to use for more detailed fleshing out, and then as a reference tool for myself, is a character info sheet that was given to me by [ profile] zippyknowsbest mun back when I first started LJ rping. It’s long and detailed and can at times be tedious to complete, but I find once it is done, I’ve committed certain things about the character and their personality tends to emerge fully and give me a better idea of tone and voice. You can find Pippa’s here: detailed character post.

Wish List

Dec. 6th, 2008 07:39 am
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What I want for Christmas:

1. Mr. Beaker to stop eating the garland I decorated the balcony with.

2. Mittens, not gloves. Mittens.

3. I'd love to go ice skating in Lincoln Centre without a huge crowd (never going to happen, but this is a wish list...)

4. For Ro to sing/record Oíche Chiúm because Enya really annoys me.

5. Venice. I'd love to be in Venice.

OOC Wishlist:

1. A new RP storyline--Pippa's going to be heading to Italy soon, I'd love to let her interact with some European-based muses.

2. Point me towards some nifty layouts, her account is paid so I don't have to worry about things like ad placement.

3. Feedback/Concrit--seriously.

4. New muse-friends are always a bonus

5. Finishing open RP posts that are already in existence.
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Press the Forgot your login? option next to the Username and Password. Follow the prompts. You will receive a list. Post that list and explain in a few sentences a bit about each of those characters, writing journals, communities, etc, etc. Don’t forget to add if you’re looking for a home for this character or that.

And if you’re so bold and in the Mod community department, or are looking for an RP partner, writing partner, etc, take a chance at commenting that the character looks neat and might fit for this RP or that prompt community. Who knows, right?

For those writing novels without a journal for each, you’re welcome to do a Cast List.

[ profile] abbytude --Abby Lockhart from E.R., she's gone AU after events of season 11's episode Skin. She does incorporate canon events after that point but they are rearranged to fir her AU storyline. Snarky, sarcastic, struggling alcoholic with more issues than she can rightfully manage, she's still determined to be the best ER attending she can be. (Plays in TM, Just_Prompts and so on. Very panfandom oriented and will converse with anyone) Read more... )
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1. Where do you get your inspiration? RPGs, Books, Music, Movies, Etc.

The mun who writes Pippa's counterpart and I have discussed their relationship, their lives and where we are going with these two quite extensively. I know what Pippa's story ultimately is, I use prompt communities, RP scenes and song lyrics (as starting points) to share snippets of her life in the past, present and future. In short, my ideas for her come from my desire to explore a certain type of relationship.

2. Got a particular song that strikes you into the mood?

I keep playlists in iTunes for all of my muses but Pippa is unique, she has several playlists. One that is music she would listen to, one that is made up of songs that fit her as a character and the third is a list of songs that fit her relationship with Rory during various stages. Sometimes I will listen to them when writing her prompts, but more often than not, the music I have playing is background noise.

3. Where do you go for resources?

As far as researching things that I myself am not an expert on, I have a mile long list of book marks. I've watched many videos on glassblowing, I use Wiki for details about New York neighborhoods such as the one she lives in on Staten island and the one Rory lives in in Queens. I like google for finding local to her shops and restaurants. I draw from a lot of places including current events and news feeds for details.
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OOC: Pippa has yet to go professional with her art, but she will in the future. This is a possibility as far as her business cards go.
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1. How did you choose/create the muse you use?

Pippa was created initially as someone to fangirl/be infatuated with [ profile] fey_fire who is written by someone else. Someone to help flesh out his night life as a musician playing the bar scene in NYC and surrounding areas. Obviously, just being such a one-dimensional creature would be boring so she was fleshed out to have a rounded personality, quirks and a history all her own. I have always been fascinated with the art of glassblowing and decided to use her to write about the art and that has actually shaped a lot of who and what Pippa has become.

2. What do you hope to get from this community?

Questions like these to help further flesh out an original character plus the additional prompts to utilize in playing out her story that I have more or less arced out already.

3. What would you like others to know about your character(s)?

Pippa isn't quite what she seems. Is she polite? Yes. Is she restrained? Very much so. Does she keep a lot to herself? You bet. Pippa presents a certain image to the public and at times that person varies greatly once she's behind closed doors.

4. What would you like others to know about you?

I write for me and for fun. I also enjoy making icons and layout graphics.

5. What would you like to know about the other folks in this community?

Whatever they want to share.
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1. If you could bring any of your characters from their story into this one (aka, the real world), which one would it be, and why?

Since Pippa is the only one in this community, I'll go with her. She's certainly real enough in that minus some of the fantastic aspects of her role-playing existence. She already lives in a modern-day New York. Her life experiences on Staten Island as a waitress and even as someone with an artistic hobby aren't surreal and some of the life choices she has made are those that many women are faced with. Then there's the added fun of being another victim of random violence in large city.

2. If you could become any one of your characters for a finite span of time, which character, and for how long would you walk in their shoes?

I certainly wouldn't want to be Pippa, especially as she stands now. She's a very damaged individual and the mental anguish she is in due largely to her experience with Larch means her head is pretty much the last place I want to dwell. It's hard enough writing for her sometimes.

3. Could any of your characters easily become villains if they aren't already, saved only by writer's fondness? Conversely, are any of your villainous characters just too bad to ever be redeemed?

I don't actually have "villains" but most of my muses do have a certain amount of moral ambiguity about them, Pippa is perhaps the most deceitful and evasive but she's not bad per se.


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