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Hiding in plain sight.
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Pippa had been occupying herself with casually browsing the internet when she decided to log in and peruse her friend's list. See if there were any more silly memes to complete or if maybe Cait had replied to the last one again. She did need to either email or call the woman...

She was scrolling down the page, skimming entries and only partially paying attention until an image caused her to gasp and then freeze. He was looking out at her through the monitor and Pippa couldn't get away fast enough. She shoved her laptop off the table and onto the floor, not caring if it was damaged. She just didn't want to see that face.

That face...only what she saw wasn't a softly smiling man with dark brown eyes. No, there was a cruel, twisted smirk and cold, hazel eyes. All she could remember were the horrifying days that he'd had her, tortured her...the hateful and vile things he'd told her. Cruel threats and evil promises that he had mostly kept.

The computer was left on the floor, Anrai's image still on the screen, and Pippa fled to her bedroom pale and trembling, on the verge of screaming again. Hours later, after crying and even throwing up, she couldn't make herself turn the computer off or even go near it to pick it back up. It didn't matter how many times she told herself that was Anrai MacEibhir and not John Larch, it didn't matter that she knew one man was as kind and gentle as his brother and the other...well, the other was no longer capable of hurting her or anyone else.

The computer stayed where it was and Pippa refused to enter the dining room.


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