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The Muse

Name: Phillipa “Pippa” Anne Kerr
Age: 26
Height: 5’ 6 ½”

The Story So Far

What Is...

She's in Venice, The City of Bridges. She's gone back to her mentor, to her safe haven and to her old habits. Or at least she's trying to. Pippa needs to find herself, learn how to merge the old with the new and come to terms with then end result.

Will her creative talents bloom and flourish in the ancient city where artistry seems to be in the very blood of every inhabitant? Or is she going to spend her days drinking wine and her evenings trying to forget the past?

She'll probably do a little bit of both, truth be told.

What Was...

New York, everyone wants to make it big or at least make it real. You’ve got your day job that lets you pursue the dream career. For Pippa, it’s just the opposite, her nighttime job of waiting tables and serving drinks allows her to spend the days doing what she loves. Creating artwork. In her case, it’s glass. Blown, hand-crafted and fragile.

She doesn’t always enjoy waiting tables at Last Call but it affords her the chance to meet people, something she does love (mostly) and she can’t ask for better than the often front row vantage point for some of the best, if unknown, music acts in town. Great music and good tips make up for the lousy hours and hey, if she happens to have her eye on a certain musician…and then he falls in love with her, well that suits Pippa just fine. She loves him too. More than that, she believes in him. His music and his mere existence, the connection they share with each other.

The Story She Won't Tell

Pippa, like most people, has a past. She'll likely never discuss with you the wealth and privilege she grew up with. Won't tell you about the French lessons and the piano playing nor the horseback riding and the trips to Europe.

She certainly won't mention the child she had at nineteen, the identity of the baby's father or the fact that she walked away from her life of being a socialite's daughter. She gave it all up out of disgust and disgrace. Left it behind to live a life that she feels she can be proud of and most importantly, one where she can make her own decisions.

It’s not likely that she’ll bring up anything that happened to her during one brutal week in August in Manhattan either. She may not be able to disguise the physical scars (the lack of her left pinky finger being the most obvious) but she can and will keep the details to herself and between the ones she loves. The few she trusts.

The Disclaimer

Pippa Kerr is an original character created for the sole purpose of role-playing and prompt writing on Livejournal. This is not the journal of a real person and the contents belong to the author, no one else. Kate Winslet’s likeness is used here without permission; no harm is intended. Kate, of course, belongs to herself. THIS JOURNAL WILL CONTAIN ADULT CONTENT. If you are under the age of 18 or offended by such material, this is not a journal for you.
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Solid stone is just sand and water, baby
Sand and water, and a million years gone by

~~Beth Nielson Chapman
Sand and Water

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